2023 Fall Schedule

  • VWAR 83 (September 12) - Jason Douglas Todd (Duke Kundhan University) and Minh Trinh (Purdue University), "Authoritarian Elections in the Goldilocks Zone"
  • VWAR 84 (September 27) - Eddy Yeung (Emory University), "The Logic of Provocative Propaganda in the Shadow of Democratic Uprisings"
  • VWAR 85 (October 11) - Erin Baggott Carter (University of Southern California), "The 'Revolution from Below': The Voice of America and US Democracy Promotion in China"
  • VWAR 86 (October 24) - Handi Li (Peking University and Princeton University), "Monitoring and Manipulation: Authoritarian Transparency and Legal Resistance"
  • VWAR 87 (November 8) - Elena Sirotkina (Hertie School), "Autocrat versus Challenger: Revealing Hidden Sympathy for Regime Change through Implicit Political Attitudes"
  • VWAR 88 (November 15) - Ashley Anderson (University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill), "Authoritarian Institutions: Instruments of Control or Double-Edged Sword?"